You'll have to dip a bit back into the memory banks for this project. Back in 2007, well before Jake Gyllenhaal got buff for the Prince of Persia, he and Tobey Maguire were circling an English-language remake of Susanne Bier's Brothers. No longer rivals for the web of Spider-Man, the two would play brothers that get torn apart by war, assumed death, and familial drama. The film will finally get released this year, and there's a solid first trailer over at ET Online.

Maguire plays Sam, a marine off on his fourth tour of duty while Gyllenhaal plays Tommy, his charming bad-boy brother, fresh out of jail. When Sam's copter is shot down, he's assumed dead and his wife Grace (Natalie Portman) tries to pull her life back together. Tommy helps, the line blurs, and in true Hollywood fashion, just as she starts to fall for Tommy ... it turns out Sam is alive. He was tortured by the Taliban, but now returns home visibly on edge both from his experiences and Tommy's inclusion in his family's life.

Talk about a welcome change. The film looks good. It's been long enough since the seemingly daily influx of war films that the premise doesn't seem tired, and it's almost jarring to see Maguire getting serious again -- in a gaunt and crazy Machinist sort of way. Since the first Spider-Man came out, the only non-webbed wonder movies to get released were Seabiscuit and The Good German. It's about time Maguire showed off more non-Peter Parker fare. As for Jake, well, he doesn't really look like a bad boy and brings to mind Marc Blucas in Prey for Rock & Roll, but that's not entirely surprising.

The film is slated to hit screens on December 4.