Welcome to the latest Cinematical feature -- Credits Report! Hatched by our own Scott Weinberg, this is going to be an ongoing celebration of our favorite opening and closing credit sequences. Like our other features, Scenes We Love and Terrific Trailers, it'll be one that's passed around our stable of writers and will pop up completely at random, and will probably depend entirely on what the internet provides. Nevertheless, if you know us, you know you can expect some treasures.

It's my bit of luck that I've gotten to do the first installment (I tried to get Weinberg to do it) and what better way to kick it off than with one of the greatest credit sequences ever? The opening to The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is a piece of edgy, badass beauty even without that classic Ennio Morricone theme ... and with it? Well, that just makes it perfection. If I was very clever and artistic, I would put together an art print that puts all the primary color character and film panels together, Andy Warhol style, with the title in the middle. (If someone out there actually does this, please send me one?)

There's nothing else to say about this one. The clip is below the jump. Enjoy!