Hey, remember the Morgan Freeman / Antonio Banderas thriller,The Code (also known as Thick as Thieves)? No? That's ok, no one does! This poor film was doomed to go straight to DVD shelves, but there it was not forgotten. Home Media Magazine reports that the flick topped the rental charts last week, deftly knocking Gran Torino out of #1. (Mr. Freeman, did you call and crow over your pal Clint for that one? If not, you should. I'm sure he'll get a good laugh.)

Scott Weinberg believes this is the first DTV movie to ever top the rental charts. If anyone out there knows of another one that has, you should correct him. But for now, history has been made by Mimi Leder!

The plot follows an aging jewel thief (Freeman) and the uppity young Turk he recruits to help him pull off one final job. They're not going after just any family jewels, but those most treasured by the Romanovs -- Faberge eggs! The ultimate goal of the heist is to pay off the Russian mob, and I'd like to think Banderas and Freeman are stealing the Faberge eggs just to really piss them off. Meanwhile, Radha Mitchell gets in between them, and makes things sexy. Check out the trailer below the jump, and contemplate renting it for yourself. It topped the rental charts, and millions of people can't be wrong!