This week marks the premiere of the first of three film-to-television adaptations that will hit our TV's this year. ABC Family will kick things off on Tuesday with their spin of 10 Things I Hate About You, and in the fall, two will follow -- NBC's Parenthood and ABC's Eastwick (based, of course, on The Witches of Eastwick). In honor of this trio of shows, the LA Times has outlined not only the details of the new programs, but also the hits and misses that already litter television history.

The piece notes a few from recent memory, like The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Buffy, and The Dead Zone, but also notes some doozies that you might not remember. Did you ever catch Ferris Bueller co-starring Jennifer Aniston? Dangerous Minds? Baby Talk (an abysmal remake of Look Who's Talking)? One glaring omission -- especially in the wake of Nia Vardalos' return to film -- the shockingly bad My Big Fat Greek Life.

It's usually easy to forget that some films head for weekly programming because they're either too terrible to remember, or so good (Buffy) that they blow the movie out of the water. But with three new ones in one season, methinks we have a new trend on our hands. (One, I hope, won't inspire more Producers-esque remake vortexes.) As we come out of a holiday weekend sluggish and hopefully sated on barbecues and fireworks:

Will you partake in television's latest odes to Hollywood? And what about the ones that have come and gone? Which did you love, and which did you loathe? Or, do you just ignore Hollywood when it heads for the small screen?
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