Slowly but surely, Neill Blomkamp's District 9 has become one of my most anticipated films of the summer, not just because of the talent involved (Peter Jackson produced), but also because I've watched Blomkamp's short film (which is an extension of this film), and not only was it fun to watch, but it was unique and creative and dealt with some interesting moral questions and themes of prejudice. Yes, it looks to be this summer's Cloverfield, but I feel like that film was junk food for the genre fan whereas this will carry a finer, more expensive meal. At least I hope so ...

That being said, a new poster (seen above) has been released for the film (ahead of the new trailer premiere this Wednesday on Yahoo), as well as an online game where you get to shoot a bunch of aliens. Alternatively, you also get to play as said aliens running from those government troops trying to capture and/or kill you. We've posted some screenshots below, as well as a larger version of the poster.

District 9 hits theaters on August 14.

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