Daniel Craig in 'Casino Royale'

If the true measure of a good trailer is that it makes you want to see the movie that's being advertised, my definition of a terrific trailer is one that makes you want to see a movie again -- after you've already seen it several times. The trailer for Martin Campbell's Casino Royale fits that definition to a "T."

Granted, any trailer for a James Bond movie has the advantage of familiarity. Yet that same familiarity can breed contempt, and the last two Bond flicks with Pierce Brosnan (The World is Not Enough, Die Another Day) had soured me on the spy that I once loved. The casting of blonde, undersized Daniel Craig did not inspire much confidence. But the Casino Royale trailer really raised my expectations, and the movie itself fully delivered on its promise. I've ended up watching the movie multiple times since its release.

In retrospect, the trailer gives away bits and pieces from the entire movie, but it starts smart by spending its first thirty seconds in black and white, then shifting to color and introducing everyone we need to know, squeezing in a bit of cheesecake (Eva Green in an evening gown), a touch of beefcake (Daniel Craig emerging from the ocean), and then revving up to full-tilt action, accompanied by a jazzed-up version of the James Bond theme music. Watching the trailer reminds me of all the high points and makes we want to see it again ... right now!

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