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Is George Lucas finally moving ahead with that promised live-action Star Wars TV show? Sources say yes. Sources also say the show will be produced in Australia by a hand-picked crew of Aussie TV vets. And we might even get to see it before the end of 2010. But I got a question: Do we really want a live-action Star Wars TV show?

Well, yeah, of course we do. For most of us, the original Star Wars trilogy was a thrilling entry point into the bizarre and inspiring world of science fiction. For an '80s kid like me, Star Wars was nothing less than a dazzling blast of awesome that I couldn't get out of my head. There was nothing cooler. (I wore the sh*t outta my Yoda jammies.) I'd love to see a Star Wars TV show deliver the same unpolished pluck, heart and spirit of the original trilogy, but we all know that's not gonna happen.

You've seen the prequels. You've seen The Clone Wars. It's likely the new series will be heavy on cartoony CG effects and kid-friendly concepts and light on the simple but engaging storytelling we fell in love with decades ago. Word is the series will focus on "relationships and emotional landscapes." Normally, I'd say that's a good thing. What's a TV show without engaging relationships and characters motivated by emotion? But we've already seen the new Star Wars' version of relationship drama, and it is very, very bad. Remember that "Sand sucks. It is so rough and sand-like, but you are so soft" nonsense between Anakin and Padme from Episode II? It only got worse from there.
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