'Shadow'The Italian movie industry has been in trouble for years. Films from Hollywood now claim about 65% of the box office, according to Variety, and that's a sad thing for genre fans, since Italy produced some of the most bracing, disturbing, and original horror flicks in years gone by. Elsewhere on this site I wrote about the new, kinda disappointing trailer for Dario Argento's Giallo, which makes one wonder if that's the best the country can offer.

Maybe, but maybe not if you watch the trailer for Shadow, directed by Federico Zampaglione, and viewable at Twitch. It's bloody, grotty, and has one or two painful "ouch" moments, those twisted times when you see something that looks like it's just gotta hurt bad. The film will have its world premiere at Frightfest in London next month.

The festival notes that Zampaglione is the front man for a "hugely successful pop rock band" called Tiromancino, which he evidently founded about 20 years. Is he another Rob Zombie, a horror filmmaker wannabe? He's assembled an intriguing cast that includes the great Karina Testa of Frontière(s) fame, so it can't be all bad. The film follows a young soldier (Jake Muxworthy) recently returned from Iraq who sets off on a mountain biking adventure in Europe. He ends up in a battle for his life, pitted against a legendary bloodthirsty butcher.

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