BrunoWARNING: NSFW content below. And by "NSFW" we mean not safe for work ... not by a long shot.

On July 10, ist 'Bruno'! Moviegoers across the nation will soon meet the flamboyantly gay Austrian fashionista who only wants to be a big star in America, but who instead winds up provoking, bemusing and outraging almost everyone he encounters. Public nakedness tends to do that sometimes.

But this isn't the first time that Bruno (spelled properly as Brüno, but that's a lot harder to type) has affronted and amused the American public. As many TV viewers well know, Bruno originally debuted as a sketch character -- alongside Borat and Ali G -- on Sacha Baron Cohen's series 'Da Ali G Show,' which aired stateside on HBO.

Ready to watch some of Bruno's outrageous 'Da Ali G Show' moments? Break out your headphones, keep an eye out for your boss, and let's go.
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