Earlier this month, Jenni posted that St. Trinians -- that saucy, British bad girl/private school flick -- is getting a sequel called St. Trinian's II: The Legend of Fritton's Gold. This time around, the girls find out that headmistress Fritton (Rupert Everett) is related to a famous pirate, so they set out on a hunt for buried treasure. With production just kicking off, Empirereports that their arch-nemesis has been found -- Doctor Who's David Tennant.

But this is no cheery role for the Who actor. In a twist reminiscent of his stint in Harry Potterand the Goblet of Fire, Tennant will play a misogynist named Pomfrey, who is "part of a woman-hating secret society called AD1." Naturally, when tough high school girls set out to find pirate booty, who would they find but a jerky misogynist!?

I'm sure he'll get a good, fun beating from the ladies, but please -- can someone give the man something meatier? He's already proved his worth by taking over Who from the beloved Eccleston and wowing the pants off of most fans. That's no easy feat and proves that he's better than the evil thorn in the side of British private school students. Don't you agree?
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