It's turning out to be one of those weeks as far as news and my own personal creativity goes, so I'm afraid we have to just aim for the lowbrow topic, and talk about superheroes having sex. Why not? We're adults, it's summer, and there's nothing hotter than well-built people in tight outfits.

My pal Rick Marshall over on the MTV Splash Page drew my attention to a fun little chart that put together that details just who has hooked up, and who hasn't. I don't want to think about how much time it took those fine people to draw those lines and research all of that, but since it's the stuff that 2am geek debates are made of, let's thank them for doing it. It's pretty hilarious, if only because Wolverine gets around far, far more than even I was aware of. (At least he can't get STDs! And yes, that very topic was a 2am geek debate I had once.)

I think what's rather striking about this list is how well it illustrates how sexless the movies are. This isn't really a surprise given the general prudishness of American films, and the need to make these as family friendly as possible. I also remember that I argued for the need to make some of them as kid-friendly as possible, and I maintain that. Every time I read Wolverine: First Class (and now the brand new Pet Avengers) I think "Thank goodness there's still something out there for kids" particularly after the orgasm-filled panels of Ultimate Hulk Vs Wolverine. I want something to read to my future progeny, after all, and there's no way I'm going to have a safe big enough to contain every issue of Invincible Iron Man.
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