'The Unborn,' 'Near Dark,' 'Dead Wood'

The Unborn. Let's all be honest and admit that Odette Yustman standing in her underwear with her back to the camera convinced (most of) us to buy a ticket to The Unborn, even though we know that January horror releases are never rarely any good. As I wrote in my review for Cinematical: "Any movie that begins with a dog wearing a human mask is in serious trouble ... The Unborn looks like a ghost story, feels like a ghost story, and kinda sounds like a ghost story, but it's dead on arrival ... Not even the sight of the lovely, lean and fit Odette Yustman, whose last name became Yowza! when the trailer and pics first hit the net, can salvage the film from mediocrity." Written and directed by David S. Goyer. I can't imagine the "Unrated" version -- which runs one minute longer -- is any better. Also on Blu-ray.

Near Dark. Kathryn Bigelow's vampire pic gets a stripped-down DVD release from Lionsgate with, apparently, no extras and a very Twilight-y cover, as Peter Hall has noted. Anchor Bay's 2002 two-disc release included an audio commentary by Bigelow, a 47-minute 'making of' documentary, a deleted scene, storyboards, galleries, trailers, and a booklet, and is still available from some retailers, as is the 2004 one-disc release from Starz / Anchor Bay.

It's rather an odd decision by Lionsgate; I realize the supplemental material was created by and belonged to Anchor Bay, but I'd think that the cost to license it shouldn't be too high. Is Lionsgate planning something special for the inevitable Blu-ray release? Or just going cheap on catalog titles?

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