Although you'll see articles (new and archival) from a wide variety of Cinematical staff members, the core group of HorrorSquad writers is now in place. Borrowed from Cinematical and enjoying the horror are Peter Martin and Elisabeth Rappe, both of whom are old friends to our loyal readers.

But I did add one free agent to the roster, and he's a guy the horror blogs know pretty well by now. Owner and operator of, Peter S. Hall is a hardcore horror freak who's enthusiastic, well-informed, and (best of all) honest about what he sees. One week he'll trash something you love and the next he'll go all mushy for an Irish zombie flick you've never heard of. Plus he'll be contributing news, visual aids, and maybe even some poetry or recipes. I have no idea! He's crazy! If you'd like to know a little more about Mr. Hall, well, I already gave you his blog and his Twitter page. You're not getting his social security number!

Welcome aboard, Pete. Get to work, Hatchet-hater.
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