Why not make a movie based around one of the unfunniest recurring characters of late, the normally likeable Will Forte's MacGruber? Yes, it's true. Monika wrote in May that Lorne Michaels said he's considering a feature-length film version of the Saturday Night Live MacGruber sketch, and now Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are confirming that the wheels are in Mac-motion. They are also reporting that Val Kilmer and Ryan Phillipe could join Wiig and Forte in this comedy of errors, which is being written by Forte and fellow SNL writers John Solomon and Jorma Taccone, who will also direct.

The MacGruber skits on Saturday Night Live poke fun at the popular MacGyver TV series, which aired from 1985 to 1992 and starred Richard Dean Anderson as a secret agent who concocted useful devices from the objects around him -- hence the term MacGyvering. MacGruber, who is MacGyver's long-lost son, is not as successful as dear old dad at defusing situations or bombs, and ends up getting himself, his assistant Vicky (Kristen Wiig), and whoever that week's hapless guest host is blown up.
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