Yes, we're all madly in love with Flickchart, and to answer your most cynical question: NO, they have not paid us as a sponsor. The relationship between Twitter, Cinematical and Flickchart was quite organic, actually, and I've had a lot of fun watching everyone geek out on FC as much as I did my first night.

ANYWAY, here's the deal: I want to know what your Top 20 Horror list looks like. All you need to do is email me your list (subject line: flickchart horror -- your name) to scottEweinberg at gmail dot com -- but there's one catch: You need to have voted on at least 5,000 matchups to qualify. It's an easy number to reach, really, and it shows right there in the upper right corner. (Note: 5,000 "rankings" to qualify, not "movies.") If you have a blog, a website, or just a Twitter page, feel free to include it in the email and I'll post it along with your list. (One link per person.)

And if you're not entirely thrilled with your list at this point, I recommend hanging in the Flickchart horror section and voting for 94 minutes or so. You can watch a scary movie while you do it.
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