Because when it comes to our favorite mutants, all we really want to know is who slept with who and how serious the relationship was. Someone with a whole bunch of extra time on their hands has pieced together this massive color-coded flowchart listing every X-Men relationship there ever was. The biggest X-Men slut seems to be Wolverine, who's shacked up with a whole chock-full of pretty mutant ladies like Domino, Silver Fox, Black Dragon, Viper, Rose, Seraph ... and the list goes on. (Yes, fellas, Wolvy seems like the guy you'd want to go out to the bar with -- though he may steal your lady if you're not careful enough.) Storm also seemed to get busy quite often (slut!), messing around with the likes of Black Panther, Nightcrawler, Slipstream, Forge and Gambit. Not all of these are one-night stands, though, so don't hold it against them. Different colors on the chart mark which relationships were mega-serious (marriage, etc ...) and which were just for kicks. Mutants like to get down and dirty too ya know!

Check out a larger image of the chart by clicking below.

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