One day he's getting tortured by the Taliban and then heads home to discover that his bad-boy brother is getting saucy with his wife. The next, he's taking part in a modern War of the Roses. Variety reports that Tobey Maguire is taking on more marital dysfunction by starring in Jacob Estes' new indie black comedy called The Details alongside Elizabeth Banks.

The pair (which was once set to be Banks and James McAvoy) will play a troubled married couple struggling with infidelity and other marital issues. But here's where things get strange: "their lives [are] further complicated by ravenous raccoons burrowing under the sod in their back yard. A disagreement over how to dispatch the pests creates a chain reaction of mishaps that include a murder by bow and arrow." There's nothing like a few coonies to ruin a marriage! Just in case that insane plot isn't enough to whet your appetite, the cast also contains Ray Liotta, Dennis Haysbert, Anna Friel, and Laura Linney, the latter playing an eccentric neighbor. (You can also check out many details of the plot here.)

Maguire reportedly decided to hop onto this project before heading back to Spider-Man land, and I say: "Huzzah!" As much as the webbed wonder is great, it's nice to see us one more reminder that Maguire has talents outside of comic superheroes.
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