When it was announced that Clive Barker's short story Book of Blood was being optioned for a film adaptation I did a double take. Why adapt not only the shortest story in Barker's much respected anthology, but the one that serves as prologue to all of the others?

If this trailer (included below and branded with the beloved Red Band) for Book of Blood is any indication, writer/director John Harrison saw something in the tiny story I didn't. Harrison looks to have expanded the premise of a house built on the intersection of several 'highways of the dead' substantially, even mixing in from "On Jerusalem Street: A Postscript", an entry from the sixth volume of Barker's anthology. The scale of the story has evolved so much so that the only thing I recognize from page-to-screen is the carved-by-ghosts body of the main character.

Normally I'd chide an adaptation that deviates considerably from the source material, but the UK production frankly looks better than I ever expected it would. Earning even more favor with this jaded horror fan is the fact that I'm finally reminded of what a real Red Band trailer should contain. I'm happy to say do not click play after the jump if you're at a place of work.
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