I know, I know, you can't escape the King of Pop these days, not even on horror blogs. I apologize, but at least this isn't another post remembering the Landis directed Thriller video. Let's take a look at Ben, a film that, if you're like me, will require an explanation followed immediately by a rental.

Remember Willard? No, not the Crispin Glover starring remake, the 1971 original about an outcast who uses an army of rats to destroy his co-workers. Remember it's sequel, Ben? No? Let me rephrase. Remember Ben, the, cough, Oscar nominated sequel to Willard?

That's right, the sequel to a movie about killer rats was in attendance at the 1973 Oscars alongside some flick called The Godfather. Nominated for Best Music, Original Song (as the award was phrased back then), a young Michael Jackson took the stage to belt a love song to the titular killer rat Ben. It's actually a very touching melody that, frankly, I didn't even know existed. That's why the Internet was invented to resurrect the forgotten.

So click on over to the official Oscar's page on YouTube to watch Charlton Heston introduce Michael Jackson singing the most beautiful song ever written about a rat that eats children. (!)

Also embedded below is the ending to Ben in which the song in question brings not only the credits, but a tear to my eye.
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