There are a bunch of different Benjamin Linus's they could've chosen to bobblehead-ize, but they decided to go with the one I feel is the best: sh*t-kicked-out-of-him Benjamin Linus, from right before he headed back to the island with the rest of those moronic Losties. The Daily What tells us that this brand new bobblehead is the first in a long line of upcoming bobble heads based on Lost. (Here's hoping they go with decided-to-take-a-half-naked-dip-in-the-ocean bobblehead for Kate.) Fans can purchase this Ben Linus bobblehead at San Diego Comic Con this month, and more specifically the Entertainment Earth booth (#2343) for $17 (limit two per person). I don't know about you, but the fact that he comes in a little Dharma box just seals the deal for me.

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