When you're ten years old, movies are the most magical place in the world. Anything can happen when those lights go down, and what now seems like a fleeting hour and a half seemed like an eternity at that age. It's also the age when your parents start dropping you off at the movies by yourself, as long as you went with a friend or a trusted family member. In my case, the first time that happened I was 11 and my older cousin took me and my little brother to see Tron ... and then skipped out on us to see The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas next door.

For this former ten-year-old, the movies were a seething pit of sex, action, adventure, laughter, and tears in the summer of 1981. These were the days that I used to buy those big one-shot movie magazines that were filled with photos and glib information. I read the one for Superman II until it fell apart in tatters at summer camp. Sadly, the magazine was much better than the movie. However, 1981 was also one of the greatest movie summers ever. Read on after the jump to find out why.