Looking at the filmography of Impact Pictures one can't help but notice an affinity for making horror movies that pit humans in a confined space with something, well, not so human. Joining the barracks of the Resident Evil series, AVP, and Event Horizon is Christian Alvert's space bound enigma Pandorum, starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster (who stole the show as the doom bringer in 30 Days of Night).

It must suck to wake up alone on a spaceship with no memory of who you are or why the barren hulk of steel built to hold 60,000 you're floating in now only holds a handful of people running from what looks like a handful of once-people. Yet these are the woes of Quaid and Foster in the new trailer for their Sci-fi / horror hybrid available at Apple in HD with an embed below.

Fortunately for us the film looks to reside closer in Impact's quality corner to Event Horizon than AVP, though I suppose I need not point out to horror fans how relatively unfortunate such a comparison is. Personally, I gravitate towards any horror story confined to one locale, particularly if it's in space. Yes, I can even find the good in Jason X. But not Leprechaun 4. Let's be realistic, folks.
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