I hate to make broad generalizations about an entire nation of people ... but I will anyway. Ready? Here goes: Canadians sure do like horror movies! I mean, of course there are some excellent American options (Fantastic Fest and L.A. Screamfest, just off the top of my head), but get a load of this set-up: First we have the Montreal madness that is Fantasia and then we have the world-renowned Midnight Madness line-up at the vaunted Toronto Film Festival. Sounds good enough, right? Wrong.

The Toronto After Dark film festival is kicking off its fourth year in really cool fashion: Paul Solet's Grace, Michael Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat, and Yoshi Nishimura's Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl are only a sampling of what they're offering. Click through here to learn all about Toronto After Dark and you'll probably come to the same conclusion I did: They might not be as well-known as Fantasia or Midnight Madness, but TAD sure know how to approach the genre fare with equal parts enthusiasm and good taste. We at HorrorSquad applaud their efforts!

I'll include a Toronto After Dark press release post-jump, but if you're a Canada-lovin' genre freak who digs the Twitter, be sure to say hi to Fantasia Festival, Toronto's Midnight Madness, and (of course) Toronto After Dark.
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