'Forbidden World'In summer, everyone can see you sweat. Ah, but in space, no one can hear you scream! The latter is, of course, the classic tagline for Ridley Scott's Alien, the coolest, darkest, most horrifying science fiction thriller of all time. (No, I'm not given to hyperbole. Why do you ask?) What better way to cool off during the summer than to contemplate deep space, where the temperatures always hover around absolute zero. In that spirit, Alan Spero at Fearnet has compiled a guide to deep space horror.

As he points out, relatively few films that merge science fiction and horror are actually set in space. He starts off with one of my favorite sci-fi flicks from the 50s, It! The Terror From Beyond Space, which features a monster on a spaceship. This is a good one for kids to watch. Then when they see Alien for the first time, they can say, "Hey, that movie's ripping off It! The Terror From Beyond Space," and you can defend the importance of artistic inspiration and homages to classics.

The guide is a good read, covering the predictable (Alien, Aliens) and the not so predictable, but it leaves out one of my favorites: Forbidden World (AKA Mutant)!

Click the 'Read More' button to watch the exciting, NSFW German-language trailer (complete with gore and breasts)!

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