I began to focus more attention on Mary-Louise Parker back in 2005, when she wrote a feature for Bust on Justin Theroux. In one opening paragraph, she slid from cross-pollinating blueberry bushes and pet pit bulls to a description of the actor himself: "His hair is ice-pond black, he could wash my windows with his eyelashes, and he has that rangy skateboarder's body that girls never grow out of going hormonal after." I was reading a lot of magazine intros that year, and hers was the first that didn't reek superfluous scene-drawing.

Now she's getting literary again, this time with Esquire. The site is doing a new weekly series of bedtime stories and seeing that they say "straight from the bedroom of a Woman We Love," I'm assuming every installment will feature the lovely Ms. Parker. She kicks off with Alice in Wonderland, and you can watch it for yourselves after the jump.

Oh, how I wish that all mens' magazines' treatment of sexy women had them natural, lounging, and reading classic literature. And really, I think Parker is in her element when words are involved. Which, one can hope, will mean wonderful things for Howl. (Although she's playing Gail Potter, a woman brought in to speak against the famous work.)

Will you be tuning in for Parker's bedtime stories?
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