Horror Squad has just received an exclusive clip from the upcoming horror film Homecoming, starring Mischa Barton, Jessica Stroup, and Matt Long. In the clip, an angry Barton wields an axe and menaces the willowy Stroup. It's a long way from The O.C., and if that's all you know Barton from, you might be surprised at how convincing she is as a scary human monster.

Barton looks like a younger, leaner, blonder Kathy Bates (Misery). The set-up is similar: Stroup has been injured in an automobile accident and ends up in the clutches of Barton, which is like a canary being left at the mercy of a cat. High school homecoming queen Barton dated star football quarterback Long until he left for college. When he returns for Christmas, everyone in the small, blue-collar town is shocked that he has a new girlfriend (Stroup). It's bad enough that he turned his back on Barton, but Stroup is rich! and from the big city (Chicago)! and brunette! Wait till Mischa finds out! No wonder she's wielding an axe -- small town girls know how to reclaim their men.

As for horror-related credits, Barton appeared in The Sixth Sense, Long was in Ghost Rider and Stroup was in both The Hills Have Eyes II and the remake of Prom Night. (We'll forgive her for the latter if Homecoming turns out to be as good as the clip.) Directed by Morgan J. Freeman (American Psycho 2), Homecoming is due out in theaters next Friday, July 17.

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