There is no doubt that France's film industry has gone around an extreme horror bend over the last few years, starting slow in 2003 with High Tension and accelerating ever since. For cultural reasons I know not, it seems that each year the peace loving nation manages to export some of the meanest, nastiest, boundary pushing horror of the year.

One of the more talked about recent French kicks to the head came by way of the fantastic Inside. The film garnered such a reputation so quickly world wide that I think no further explanation is necessary. If you've seen Inside, there is no way you're going to forget Inside. And if you haven't seen it, you've certainly heard about it.

Now comes the first trailer for Humains, the directorial debut of Jacques-Olivier Molon and Pierre-Olivier Thevenin, also known as two of the maniacs behind the film-defining make-up effects of Inside. Humains concerns a group of researchers in the Alps out to unearth the missing link. After an accident sends the group crashing into uncharted territories, as the trailer shows us, it doesn't take long before the scientists come face to face with their not so extinct research subjects.

Humains doesn't look as malicious as a few other notable Frenchies have lately proven, but it does have a distinct Michael Crichton with an axe to grind vibe to it. Catch the trailer at Allocine or click on for embed below.
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