Well ... this is coming out of left field. If there's one thing Lindsay Lohan has going for her, it's that she's a little red-headed train that could. After musing that she'd leave Tinseltown for the modeling world, and then picking up a quirky indie film, The Hollywood Reporter posts that Lohan and her fashion-line partner Kristi Kaylor have created Unforgettable Productions -- continuing her habit to name things after old icons. (6126, her fashion brand, is named after Marilyn Monroe's birthday.)

Yes, Lohan has entered the production world, with a plan to develop projects for both television and the big screen. They're in the process of optioning a few books, and creating some super-high-quality TV like an Entourage show for the fashion world -- and a dating game show.

One can assume that this new twist is to get Lohan back in the acting world. If she can't get gigs solely as an actress -- why not put them out herself? If she does become a producer/actor under Unforgettable Prods., it'll be interesting to see how that plays out. With her business' money on the line, will she finally be able to follow the path set for her before fame, or is her name so tarnished that even self-production won't help?
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