Back in April, I wondered if we can forget reality when watching actors on the big screen. Well, if there's any way to re-warm ourselves to thoughts of Mel Gibson, how about the story of a man and his beaver puppet?

That wacky story (the one that had Jim Carrey circling it back in May) is now in the hands of Gibson, with Jodie Foster officially signed as director, according to Variety. Kyle Killen's Blacklist script focuses on a depressed toy manufacturer (Gibson) who comforts himself with his beaver hand-puppet. There's no sexual innuendo in this -- he thinks of his faux beaver friend as a sort of "human creature with human feelings" -- a la Lars and the Real Girl.

On top of directing this puppy, her first film since 1995's Home for the Holidays, Foster will play his wife. And with that, I think this may be one of the most interesting projects to come our way. Sure, it's got the strange premise and promising comparisons to the likes of Lars and Being John Malkovich, but it's much more irresistible for the combination of talent. With Steve Carell and Jay Roach, or the later-circling Jim Carrey, the film isn't so hard to imagine. But out-of-nowhere picks like Gibson and Foster? It just leads to questions about why they'd pick this piece of quirk, and what they'll make of it.

Are you ready for Mel, Jodie, and his beaver?
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