When the Wednesday/Thursday schedule for this year's San Diego Comic Con was released yesterday, those folks who attended last year quickly began to realize a pretty scary fact: that Summit Entertainment's panel for The Twilight Saga: New Moon was taking place 15 minutes after the panel for James Cameron's Avatar and roughly three hours after that giant 3D Disney panel featuring Tron, A Christmas Carol and Alice in Wonderland. So what's the problem, you might ask?

Well, last year Twilight caused an absolute Beatles-mania sh*t show with tween girls and their Twi-hard moms camped outside the convention center's Hall H for hours upon hours in order to get one of the 6000-or-so seats inside. Placing New Moon directly after Disney and Avatar will make it extremely difficult for fans of the latter two to gain entry to Hall H unless the convention sets up a line JUST for Summit's panel OR, as Slashfilm suggests, they clear out the space prior to Summit's panel so that Twi-hards won't take up the entire space all day while waiting for their Bella and Edward to arrive.

My money is on a special line just for Summit's panel; I can't imagine Comic Con would be stupid enough to let everyone into one line, making it so Hall H is all Twilight fans all day long. That's not to say fans of Twilight aren't also fans of Disney and Avatar (they probably are), but everyone should be given an equal opportunity to see whatever panel they choose, and since Summit's panel will find people camped out for hours upon hours upon hours, it's not really fair to ask everyone else to compete with that.

UPDATE: Summit has just confirmed to Cinematical that their panel has been moved up to 1:45-2:45. Furthermore, the Avatar panel has been moved after the Summit panel to 3pm. This should alleviate some issues.

UPDATE 2: The Friday schedule is now online. Check it out over here.