I'm not sure when the Twilight board game first went on sale (judging from the Amazon.com reviews, it was sometime in the spring), and I'm certainly not surprised it exists. Every movie has a tie-in game, and there's no shame in owning most of them. However, the folks behind this Twilight game didn't even bother to try. Knowing they had a ready market in the slumber party set, they slapped together a game and sold it to an ever hungry fandom. Reviewers on Amazon lamented that its questions have little to do with the series, and are more about getting personal info out of your fellow players:

"This game is terrible. There are trivia cards to do with the movie but the other questions are all depending on what you roll with the die or they ask us to write down what the other player's favorite animal, movie,band etc. They have absolutely nothing to do with the movie and they are pointless.... This is coming from a person that has loved the books, movie and anything else to do with twilight. The game is not worth what you pay for it. The pieces aren't the best quality and the cards are flimsy. What a rip off. Buyer beware."

Now, secret-sharing is what teenagers thrive on, but you could just play Spin the Bottle or something. As for the quality, even I can tell it's cheap. No pewter Edward Cullens for fans to fondle? Then again, when I read the positive reviews which center on "We just gave up on playing and read each other the trivia," maybe this is exactly the sort of product Twilighters crave. Just do the world a favor, girls, and put all that cardboard in the recycle bin when you're done.

[via Geekologie]
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