Not that anyone anyone rents actual video tapes anymore (right?), but the straight to retail film world seems destined to bear the video moniker well into the age of Blu-ray and beyond. Here to finally bring a formal awards ceremony to the realm Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus calls home are genre champions Dread Central and Home Media Magazine with their co-production/co-presentation of The Reaper Awards.

The process will work like this: A panel of judges from within the horror community (both in print and online) have been picked to nominate films falling within the scope of 13 yet unspecified categories. Once judges ranging from the chiefs behind Shock and B-D to editors of Fangoria and Rue Morgue have hand picked all of the nominees, voting will open to the general public for the month of September. After all the hanging chads have been counted, winners of a Grimmy, as the accolade has been named, will be announced at a ceremony held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on October 13th, 2009.

Now all us voters have to do is wait a hop and a skip (also known as an Orphan and a Zombie Halloween 2) later to partake on democratically determining who the Orson Welles of giant animals slaughtering people is. Kidding aside, it looks like The Reaper Awards are poised to spotlight not just the straight-to-video sector (which is criminally underappreciated in my book) but also who of the theaterical club puts out the purtiest disk. I forsee a "Best Unrated Cut of a Theatrical Movie That Should Have Been Unrated in the First Place" Award in our near future.

I've no doubt HorrorSquad will give those ravenous to vote plenty of reminders as the Reaper Awards approach, but in the mean time surf on over to Dread Central for more details.
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