First, a disclosure: In both its red and green band trailers I think Jennifer's Body looks like a lot of Idle Hands channeling fun with a coating of Tamara'shot girl gone evil kills all the boys sexiness. I've got nothing against the production.

However I am a little confused as to why the red variant, which was the draft the director/writer/producers felt was better suited for horror fans, earned a red band and yet this newly released green cut of the trailer, which will be playing in front of Bruno, shows just as much visually questionable material and yet it gets the "Approved for Appropriate Audiences" green backing.

I'm not confused as to why it got the red band. Megan Fox dropped an F bomb in the same coital context that would bump any PG-13 film to an R, that's an MPAA no-no. I am confused as to how that trailer is better tailored to horror fans over the green trailer. Both play up Fox' sexuality in slow motion, both show her killing people, and both show her holding a lighter under her tongue. The only substantial difference found in the "appropriate audiences" trailer is that it shows more character and plot whereas the red band is full of silly.

That's what has me worried about Jennifer's Body. Click on to watch the non-horror audience green trailer, which just debuted on Yahoo, and see what I'm talking about.
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