Jennifer's Body
Diablo Cody wrote the script for this one in which Megan Fox plays a high school girl who is possessed by a demon and inflicts her wrath upon her male classmates. The trailer seems to imply that she's a vampire but most of the descriptions I've found are avoiding the "V" word. Amanda Seyfried plays Jennifer's best friend who must put a stop to the evil. You can check out Jennifer's Body on September 18.

District 9
There's a second trailer for this extraterrestrials as refugees flick produced by Peter Jackson. You see a little more of the aliens but they're quick glances. We do get come interesting glimpses of the alien technology and with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen making so much money I have to figure the public is going to like all the robots on display here. The aliens start slumming on August 14.

Giallo is Italian for "yellow" but in this context it refers to an Italian film genre that combines police procedural with horror and exploitation elements. This is the type of film for which director Dario Argento is best known but he doesn't usually get Oscar winners like Adrien Brody to play his lead. The trailer reminds me of some of Argento's earlier stuff like Tenebre and Deep Red, which I'm sure is the idea. No U.S. release info yet.