This trailer for the newest film from French director Eric Valette is a few months old, but when @NewFrenchHorror mentioned Hybrid earlier today it renewed interest 'round these parts. Valette is perhaps best known in Hollywood for directing the remake of Miike's One Missed Call, but don't hold that against him as he also made Maléfique, a clever genre bender about four prisoners who find a dark magic journal in the wall of their cell and put its words to (mal)practice.

Working once again outside of the major studio system, Valette brings us the latest in a notable lineage of killer car movies. Evolving beyond the likes of Duel, Christine and even the Bender as a werecar episode of "Futurama", Hybrid pushes past the simple plot of a cursed car with a mind of its own. Written by Thir13en Ghosts scribe Neal Marshall Stevens, Hybrid is actually about a shape shifting predator, presumably one that came from outer space, that takes the form of a car.

According to an interview Stevens gave Shock, the hybrid in question subsists on a diet of car burglars by taking the form of a fancy snatch-worthy set of wheels. When the burglar breaks in, 'ole hybrid floods the car with digestive juices.

One night the beast is impounded after getting smashed up in a car accident. Trapped, the killer panics, constantly shifting its car model to outwit the police impound workers who have no idea what in the vehicular manslaughter hell is happening.
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