Back at Sundance, our own Scott Weinberg absolutely fell in love with the short film that played before Dead Snow called Treevenge. Here's what he had to say at the time: "The short that preceded Dead Snow is a miniature classic of comedy and horror. It's called Treevenge and it comes from the Canadian knuckleheads that gave us Hobo With a Shotgun. Suffice to say that Treevenge is just about the finest film ever made about homicidal Christmas treees. Silly, splattery, hilarious stuff." Now the film has finally made its way online, and Peter Martin brings it to us over at Horror Squad)

Christmas only comes once a year, but you can take revenge on the holiday any time you want, thanks to Jason Eisener. The filmmaker first splashed into our consciousness with Hobo with a Shotgun, his hilarious, spot-on 70s exploitation faux trailer for Grindhouse, and then returned with a vengeance, making a really good, original short film, Treevenge. The horror short made the festival rounds, garnering guffaws and general acclaim, and became something of a word-of-mouth sensation.

Read the rest and watch Treevenge over at Horror Squad