Remember when Ridley Scott's Robin Hood was all set as some kind of crazy revisionist story, where the Sheriff of Nottingham was the conflicted hero? Then it switched to a love triangle tale, where Nottingham and Robin were vying for Sienna Miller's affections, before going for a script that combined both characters into one. Then Ridley Scott shrugged, and just made a straight-up Robin Hood story, for which I'm still pretty grateful.

So traditional is it that The Hollywood Reporter says that Scott's added that key bit of royalty to the already stellar cast: King Richard the Lionheart. Danny Huston is the man who would be king (and be mothered by Vanessa Redgrave's Eleanor of Aquitaine), but decided to gallop off to the Crusades and leave a power vacuum that leads to Prince John taking over, and taxing the life out of the peasantry.

Scott said previously that the villains of this piece are the Norman invaders: "It is from France. It is the French. The villain is much bigger in that sense; much more important, and much more dangerous." So, I'm very curious if this will cast Richard as that villain, since he really spent very little time in England, and largely used it to fund the Crusades. He once claimed he would sell London if he could find a buyer. But he figures large and chivalric in Robin Hood legend, and I doubt they'll really stray from the well-beaten path, which is fine by me. Now, if could just get a mythic King Arthur that dispensed with all the "this is the true story" nonsense, I'd be a happy medievalist.
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