How many times do you see a film, simply adore it, and find you can't stop thinking about it, find the scenes/actors/dialog resonating days later, gush about it to everyone you meet, start to re-evaluate past favorites -- and yet no one else seems to be on the same page?

The blockbuster fiends usually don't have this problem as they buy their popcorn, jump at the chills and spills, and then go on their merry way. But those who dip beyond the surface usually find an entire new world to adore, one where camaraderie can be as elusive as the basselope. Sometimes this is due to strange quirks and taste. We've all got at least a film or two we love in spite of a sea of haters. But what about the good ones?

I fell in love with Ghosts of Cite Soliel the day it screened at TIFF. I was sure that Asger Leth's stunning documentary would set the world on fire, or at the very least, foster an undercurrent of appreciation. Perhaps the lack of context and a stance turned many off, but the utter closeness and intimacy of the brothers' story offered so much more than a removed account.

A close second for me is Conversations with Other Women. I can only guess the masses didn't like a movie-long split screen, but the chance to view the film in innumerable ways, focused on different responses within the perfect rapport between Helena Bonham Carter and Aaron Eckhart, was something that captivated me right away. Yet while the film has an eye-popping number of reviews listed over at IMDb, it's rarely on the tongues of film geeks, rarely shared in conversations about film romance, or chemistry...

What films do you love that never seem to catch on like you think they should?
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