For someone who has lived the majority of their film-loving life away from the spoils of a genre mecca like Fantastic Fest, I can honestly say I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of now living in a city that packs more cinematic cool into one week than most people see in their entire lifetime. To be even more honest, Fantastic Fest is actually one of the reasons I moved to Austin, Texas. I wish it was hyperbole to say that I uprooted my life to go live in proximity of a world renowned movie theater and its very own film festival, but it isn't. Having now met a patchwork of Austin film immigrants, I'm glad to say stories like mine are neither rare nor unexpected. Such is the siren's call of Fantastic Fest and the Alamo Drafthouse.

Now before you judge me for being too much of a geek, take a look at the first wave of films announced for Fantastic Fest 2009, held September 24th to October 1st. I won't spoil the entire roster, the fun's in perusing the massive list anyway, but I will cherry pick a few of the 32 (!) initial titles that have me hungry: The Children, for my money, is the best horror I've seen all year, though it may soon be toppled by The Revenant, something Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool, one of FF's fathers, flipped for not long ago. House of the Devil is Ti West's already buzzed about throwback shocker and I'm not sure it's possible to be more excited to finally see a movie than I am for Michael Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat. Dang, even Uwe Boll managed to make the cut with Rampage, the first Boll film I may actually see sober. (Editor's note: No it won't be.)

And that's not even getting into the Asian titles, one of which is described as, "the craziest goddamn movie Japan has ever unleashed." And no, it isn't Robo Geisha, though thank the festival lords that ludicrous looking piece of mayhem MAY be there this fall as well.

Click on for the full list. Click on and fall in love.
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