Zombie films always seem to boast surprising casts, and this '80s-led latest is no exception. Following the likes of Sarah Polley, Billy Connolly, and Michael Jackson, Variety reports that Circle of Confusion is producing a new zombie thriller called Gatekeeper --Lea Thompson and Judge Reinhold are attached, along with Ron Perlman, Matthew O'Leary, and Jana Kramer.

It seems that this cast has been set for a while, if you knew where to look. There's a blog called "The Gatekeeper" which has exactly one post from back in March. The cast list is almost the same, except Reinhold is nowhere to be found, but John Francis Daley is. Let's just assume that Reinhold isn't replacing Daley, because that would probably be the strangest casting twist of all time.

Isaac Meisenheimer's script, which he will direct, will focus on three friends who have to defend their town against a zombie outbreak. Will they seek solace in a mall? In a bar? Wherever they end up, Circle exec Stephen Emery says: "We intend to make a film in the vein of Shaun of the Dead for American audiences." In fact, it seems like they have a lot of classics on the mind. After the jump, you can see the director's makeup tests set to "Thriller." (Note: He was also an uncredited Fire Zombie in2008's Day of the Dead.)

Is there any chance this indie can compete with that classic zombie comedy? Could Lea Thompson and Judge Reinhold be a suitable replacement for Simon Pegg and Nick Frost? Weigh in below!
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