'Treevenge'Christmas only comes once a year, but you can take revenge on the holiday any time you want, thanks to Jason Eisener. The filmmaker first splashed into our consciousness with Hobo with a Shotgun, his hilarious, spot-on 70s exploitation faux trailer for Grindhouse, and then returned with a vengeance, making a really good, original short film, Treevenge. The horror short made the festival rounds, garnering guffaws and general acclaim, and became something of a word-of-mouth sensation.

Unfortunately, most short films pass on to the graveyard of celluloid memories, with little opportunity for future generations (i.e. those who missed the festival screenings) to share the joy. Enter Twitch, which has graciously provided a permanent home for all you maniacs to watch Treevenge in the privacy of your own home. Notice I said "home" rather than "office" or "place of business," because Treevenge is decidedly NSFW due to extreme bloodshed and gore of the "trees don't like being cut up and dragged into some stranger's house" variety. It ramps up very nicely into a ... well, I'd rather not say anymore, because that would ruin the magic of discovery for first-time viewers. If you managed to catch it before -- at Fantastic Fest, or Sundance, or Fantasia, or AFI Dallas (where I finally saw it) -- then you'll want to watch it again. It holds up very well.

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