What if I told you there was a Star Wars remake in the works? And that 472 people were directing it? Confused? In an effort to do something unexpected and pretty cool, tech-geek Casey Pugh has assembled a project that will allow hundreds of fans to take part in a giant fan-made Star Wars remake, DIY style. Pugh has broken up Star Wars: A New Hope into 15-second clips, and asked folks to claim up to three clips per person. Once fans have selected their clips, it's off to the races -- with each person (or group) responsible for re-creating their 15-second clip in any way they see fit. Once all the clips are done and sent to Pugh, he'll piece them together into one final (and probably hilarious) finished film.

According to the sign-up website, all of the clips have now been spoken for -- but Pugh promises that he's currently creating a way for everyone and anyone to participate, and he'll make that announcement at the end of the week. On paper, this sounds like a really fun experiment and I can only imagine what sort of fantastical mumbled mess will vomit out of the final product. That said, I have a hard time assembling three friends at one time to go to lunch -- can you imagine trying to manage hundreds of people and making sure they get their clips in on time? Hopefully those who sign up already have a vague plan in place and will meet whatever deadline Pugh gives them ... because you get a handful of people who slack off and we're looking at a long, long time before this puppy gets finished. Regardless, stay tuned to this website for further details, instructions and whatever.

[via CoolHunting]
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