It's a time of transition for Torchwood, BBC's slick and saucy Doctor Who spinoff. The series returns to BBC America on July 20 for the first episode of "Children of Earth," a five-part miniseries that's already wowing the nerds overseas. The miniseries sees the Torchwood crew facing a new threat and dealing with the loss of two loved ones. "Children of Earth" also sees the show shifting to a new network in its homeland and has some fans wondering about the possibilities of a fourth season.

TV Squad talked to Torchwood star Gareth David-Lloyd recently about the miniseries, the future of the show, and the evolution of his character, Ianto, from desk jockey to front lines fighter. Here's a snippet from that interview:

How does the new series expand Torchwood in its third season?
["Children of Earth"] is one big story playing out over the five episodes. We worked for 16 weeks straight, as though we were on a movie shoot. It's such a great script with a great cast. I've enjoyed every minute. I think it reaches out beyond sci-fi. It's a huge human story with a lot of action included.
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