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Not everyone loved last week's premiere of Warehouse13, Syfy's fun and quirky new show about a pair of government-sponsored paranormal investigators. I certainly wasn't crazy about the two-hour premiere, but I'm still looking forward to catching episode two, "Resonance," airing Tuesday night. Something tells me the show's goofy tone and old school mystery plots will go down easier in an hour-long format.

Tuesday's episode will feature an appearance by one of Battlestar Galactica's steamiest Cylons, Tricia Helfer. Her appearance is the first of a promised lineup of geek-friendly guest stars for Warehouse 13. According to Syfy, BSG alums Michael Hogan and Mark Shepard and Stargate Atlantis good guy Joe Flanigan are slated to appear in the first season. The show will also welcome a new recurring cast member early in season one. 19-year old actor Allison Scagliotti will eventually show up as a computer hacker who might be able to teach Artie a thing or two.

Check out more of this week's TV picks plus a Warehouse 13 video preview and another pic from the ep featuring Helfer after the jump.
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