Ah, we do so enjoy tearing down that which we love. With the Harry Potterseries of books and movies being perhaps the most successful franchises of their kind in this or any other lifetime, it's only natural that it would be the most spoofed bunch of stories as well. From The Simpsons and MadTV to stage musicals and RiffTrax commentaries, there have been hundreds of parodies since the Pottermania first swept the world. Here's just a tiny handful:

1) The jokes began in earnest with the huge popularity of 2001's film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. That year, David Letterman offered up the Top Ten Signs That Your Kid is a Wizard. Among them: "You say, 'Do you think that lawn is gonna mow itself?' But then it does," "His homework ate the dog," and "You catch him in the bathroom polishing his wand."

2) Also from 2001, the Mad magazine parody, "Harry Plodder and the Sorry-Ass Story" . Mad continued to parody each succeeding film with titles like "Harry Plodder and the Lamest of Sequels", and "Harry Plodder and the Pre-Teen Nerds Are Actin' Bad" (it would seem that the words "Prisoner of Azkaban" are devilshly hard to spoof.) The jokes are pretty weak -- "Every first-year has to put on the Snorting Hat! That way, all students start their education with something in common!" "Yeah! Head lice!" -- but long-time Mad artist Mort Drucker's wicked caricatures make them worth a read. (via MuggleNet.com)

3) For Britain's Comic Relief in 2003, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders offered "Harry Potter and the Chamber Pot of Azerbaijan." Keep an eye out for Jeremy Irons as Snape:

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