The world of movie marketing certainly has changed over the years, and some of the greatest films to ever come out of Hollywood never got the chance to have high powered marketing teams behind them creating multi-million dollar campaigns. But when it comes to poster art, classic artists like Saul Bass or Bob Peak have yet to be matched. Now, thanks to Turner Classic Movies, we've got a perfect blend of the old and the new in their set of teaser posters for their Summer Under the Stars programming line-up (you can download the full schedule on the TCM site) and the results are in a word: fan-freaking-tastic.

There are 12 posters in total, and they include some breathtaking new images for movies like To Catch a Thief, The Big Heat, The Magnificent Seven, and Dr. Strangelove. TCM has provided a heck of a programming month for fans of classic movies, and if you have never seen some of these films, now is your chance. Since I'm a bit of geek when it comes to these things, I immediately began fantasizing about buying a reproduction to hang in my living room -- but I'm not that lucky, because it looks like these posters aren't for sale and, instead, I will just have to make do with downloading the desktop wallpapers.

TCM's Summer Under the Stars will start in August with the films of Henry Fonda, and will run for the entire month. Check out some of our favorite classic movie teaser posters below, and see if you can guess the film.

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