UPDATE: Wait a second -- now it looks like Denzel is considering another offer, and will take a look at the latest draft of the script. So this one still has a pulse ... stay tuned for further details.

For a project that's titled Unstoppable, Tony Scott's potentially upcoming flick seems to be anything but. When Chris Pine signed on back in June, I noted how it was delayed for a few years. Then Elisabeth followed up with news that budget snags were delaying the project, and that not even Scott himself was officially signed on. Now Variety adds another nail to the coffin, reporting that Denzel Washington has left the project. He doesn't want to wait around, and is now looking for other projects to fill his fall schedule.

One would think that losing the high-ranking star could hurt the film, but perhaps this could also be a kick-start. Sure, the star-power is gone, but Variety notes that Fox wanted Washington to take a $4 million pay cut and grab a $16 million paycheck for the film. He declined. Could it be that hard to find a bankable star willing to earn merely 16 mil? I'd think not. Besides... Pelham was not a stellar achievement, and it didn't pull in the cash that was expected, and this is really too much like the subway flick. So why not scrap it once and for all or get fresh, cheaper blood?

Similar to Pelham, Unstoppable focuses on a runaway train full of toxic chemicals. So who just grab the engineer gig now?
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