We always attribute Ferris Bueller's ingenuity and over-the-top fame to the magic of cinema. Anything can happen in Hollywood -- like a skinny little guy becoming the '80s mecca of luck and popularity. But what if there is more to it than that? What if he doesn't even exist inside John Hughes' Chicago?

Torontoist has a little column called Televisualist, which picks out notable TV listings for the week. When talking about Monday night's screening of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, writer Christopher Bird suggests that Ferris is nothing more than a figment of Cameron's imagination, a la Fight Club:

POSIT: Ferris Bueller does not, as such, exist; the movie is actually about Cameron's day off and his unresolved crush on his best friend Sloane, and the parts where Cameron is not onscreen are merely the products of his imagination as Ferris, the perfect human being, does all the things Cameron could not or never do, until Cameron snaps and decides to live his life for himself.

And as Bird notes, when Cameron decides to live his own life, Ferris' luck runs out. This isn't Bird's own theory, mind you, it's been around for some time -- spreading through the internet like an unwanted virus. But what do you think? Is Ferris nothing more than a less jaded version of the narrator's Tyler Durden? Or are people just out to ruin one of the greatest teen comedies of all time?
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