marvel super hero squad anime tv series iron manHere's some advice for those planning to attend Marvels' Comic-Con panels: Get there early. I'm talking three to four hours early, at least. Marvel hosts some of the most popular panels at the annual event, and they tend to fill up fast. I was rewarded for showing up two hours early to last year's Wolverine and the X-Men screening with an obstructed view in the back of the screening room. I was pissed. (I'm pretty sure the dude wearing the Rorschach costume sitting next to me was too.)

This year, Marvel will give punctual Con attendees a first-look at two of its highly anticipated TV projects: Marvel Animé and Super Hero Squad. Friday's Marvel Animation Panel will feature a preview of the Marvel Animé TV series from writer Warren Ellis and Japan's Madhouse animation studio. We haven't heard much about this project since it was announced last year, but it looks like Marvel is moving full-speed ahead with its plan to develop an animé series for the Japanese market featuring some of its most popular characters. The series is expected to debut in Japan in 2010.

On Saturday, Marvel will hold a panel devoted exclusively to Super Hero Squad, it's adorable mini-hero franchise aimed at geeks of all ages. According to Marvel, most of the voice talent behind Cartoon Network's upcoming Super Hero Squad TV show, including Stan Lee, will appear on the panel. Marvel's editor-in-chief, Joe Quesada, will also be on hand to talk about the show. The panel will feature a never-before-seen clip and a preview of THQ's upcoming Super Hero Squad video game.

And Marvel will also hold some panels about, uh, comic books and a little movie called Iron Man 2, as Erik told us earlier. Check out the full Marvel Comic-Con panel sked after the jump:
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