'We Are Wizards'Does Harry Potter draw children to the dark side of life, to "something that will ultimately destroy society"? Or does it inspire them to start "Wizard Rock" bands at the age of seven? Maybe it does both -- and more! With Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince rolling into theaters at midnight, it's a good time to check out Josh Koury's doc We Are Wizards which examines the Potter phenomenon (in part). It's available for free online viewing, courtesy of our friends at SnagFilms, and you can watch it right here at Cinematical.

As Kim Voynar pointed out in her review from SXSW in 2008, it's "not so much a documentary about Harry Potter fandom in general, as it is about the 'Wizard Rock' bands that have grown up around the franchise, and a couple of the bigger Harry Potter fan sites." Though she enjoyed the segments that focus on the bands, she felt that the film was weakened because there's "not much of an arc ... with not much in the way of linearity or conclusion." And she thought We Are Wizards could have been more involving if it considered Harry Potter fans in general, perhaps reducing the time devoted to an unauthorized Harry Potter "retelling" by cartoonist Brad Neely. "Nonetheless, fans of the wizard rock bands in particular will find much to like here ... I'd recommend the film also for parents who are into unschooling."

Having those quite valid reservations in mind, We Are Wizards should still appeal to many Potter fans. Please note: NSFW due to some language. More information is available at the film's official site and at SnagFilms.

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